| A Quick Introduction to Vaporizing Herbal Concentrates, Extracts and Oils with PUFF MAJIC |

General Terms:

  • PV (Personal Vaporizer) : Also referred to as an E-Cig. A device designed to vaporize a specialized liquid for consumption through inhalation.
  • Vape : The use or reference to vaporization and inhalation of an E-Liquid using a PV.
  • E-Liquid : Also called E-Juice. A substance designed to be vaporized using a PV.
  • Battery : The power source of a PV.
  • Tank : Also called a Cartomizer. A fillable reservoir with an internal wick and heating coil system.
  • Concentrates : Concentrated resinous or oily material extracted from herbs commonly obtained using some form of solvent extraction process.


The Personal Vaporizer is a device that has gained popularity over the last decade for tobacco smokers looking for a smoke free alternative to cigarettes. It is not necessarily a new invention as the basic design behind modern devices was patented back in the 60's, but the selection of devices and accessories has exploded in recent years. The equipment used to Vape Nicotine E-Juice can also be used to vaporize Herbal Concentrates with the proper preparation. PUFF MAJIC Premium Mixer was specifically formulated to be easily combined with Concentrates to produce a Premium Herbal E-Liquid. But we know that if this is all new to you, it can be a little intimidating and overwhelming. This guide is written to help educate those looking for an alternative to traditional herbal consumption.


One essential component to a successful and satisfying Vape is the proper equipment. Your equipment will consist of a Battery and a Tank. Both of these components are available at retailers ranging from Convenience Stores to Vape Shops. There is a wide range of prices, Batteries can range from $20-$150 and Tanks can range from $5-$100, and a virtually endless range of styles. Like most things, better equipment will yield better results, but also keep in mind that most equipment will work sufficiently well.

  • Batteries - A basic Battery will work just fine. Most will just have an on/off button and are simple to use. More expensive Batteries are available with a variable voltage adjustment. This feature seems to work slightly better with Cannabis E-Juice because you can vary the output which will change the temperature of the coil. A slightly higher voltage / temperature can be better for vaporizing some of the essential compounds in your Concentrate and thus be more effective.

PUFF MAJIC Liquids are made from our special proprietary blend of Pharmaceutical Grade carrier liquids that are generally recognized as safe and considered not to have an inhalation risk. These liquids are commonly used in both the Pharmaceutical and Nicotine Vape Industries and it is our special formula of multiple carriers which allow for PUFF MAJIC's quick and stable performance. In addition, PUFF MAJIC will enhance the flavor and effect of Concentrates. The small amount of "flavoring" we add is a special blend of terpenoids, flavonoids and organic compounds. They are common constituants of Herbal Flower but large amounts are lost in the extraction process and production of Concentrates. These compounds are readily available in nature so PUFF MAJIC's "flavoring" is primarily from natural sources. If any artificial flavoring is used, it is sourced from suppliers that are "Vape Friendly" meaning that their flavors are formulated not to contain chemicals known to be undesirable for inhalation or use in the Vape Industry.

Now that you know more about Vaping Concentrates and what PUFF MAJIC is, Imagine This Scenario:

  • You walk into your local retailer wanting to purchase a pre-filled Tank of vaporizable concentrates for your PV. The retailer has several options with various names and levels but otherwise you have no idea what is in the tank. You could get it home and love it, or you could get it home and hate it. It is really hit and miss. Alternately, they have several choices of concentrates in several varieties and various levels of purity. They also sell PUFF MAJIC. So your options are to buy a pre-filled tank and hope for the best or you could pick your concentrate, buy a bottle of PUFF MAJIC, buy a tank and go home and make and fill your own. By making your own, you know exactly what is in it and can control the strength by determining exactly how much concentrate you want in your mix. Also, by switching to the DIY route with PUFF MAJIC, you are able to have a reliable source of Premium E-Liquid with a consistent quality that you can trust. You are also using a product specifically formulated for this purpose. Another added benefit is that making your own DIY Herbal E-Liquid with PUFF MAJIC will save you money.

Here is some other helpful information:

  • You can mix enough volume for one tank or a whole bottle. The choice is yours. You can make as much or as little as you wish.
  • For best results, do not mix higher than the recommended amount per bottle (2 Parts PUFF MAJIC : 1 Part Concentrate). PUFF MAJIC is designed to be a replacement for traditional consumption so your objective is to mix to the strength of your liking. While PUFF MAJIC may be capable of mixing with higher levels of Concentrates, too thick of a liquid will not perform well in your equipment. Remember, the tank you are using was designed to vaporize a very thin E-Juice.
  • Quality equipment yields better results. While almost any PV will work, we recommend a high quality battery and a tank with a vertical or dual bottom mounted coil.
  • Quality Concentrates yield better results. The purer and cleaner the Concentrate is, the purer and cleaner your resulting E-Liquid will be. High levels of plant fats and waxes can shorten coil life.
  • For the best possible Herbal Vape experience, use only PUFF MAJIC and DIY your own Premium Herbal E-Liquid!

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  • A cartridge with a heavy orange tint or a heavy citrus smell should generally be avoided as well. This is an indication that the Concentrates are mixed with orange oil or Limonene. Pure Limonene is actually a fantastic solvent for dissolving Concentrates, just not a fantastic solvent for Vaping. While some do like the taste, most complain of a throat burning harshness and respiratory irritation. Furthermore, Pharmaceutical grade Limonene is for the most part a clear substance. If a cartridge has a heavy orange tint it is likely made with a far less pure source of Limonene such as citrus based commercial solvents. This is extremely unhealthy and should be avoided. Limonene will also degrade plastic over a short time and a tank full of Limonene based liquid quickly becomes a tank also filled with chemicals that the Limonene has extracted from the plastic which the tank is made from. This is a very bad choice. Below you can see a tank that was filled with a liquid mixed with low grade Limonene. Note the orange color and also the damage it has done to the tank plastic.                                                                                                                                     

How Vaping Works:

As you may have gathered from the Equipment section, when Vaping, a Battery heats a coil in a Tank of E-juice and produces a vapor. When you Vape Concentrates using PUFF MAJIC the Concentrates are efficiently vaporized along with the liquid and drawn into the lungs in the form of vapor. When smoking, the burning process produces heat and vaporizes the compounds which you draw it into your lungs in the form of smoke. The two processes accomplish the same result which is transporting all of the beneficial compounds found in your herbs into your lungs for absorption. Of all methods to enjoy herbal concentrates, vaporizing or smoking can be the most effective methods of delivery into your blood stream and also the easiest method to control dosage. For those not wanting to smoke , the ability to vape an E-Liquid containing Concentrates is a fantastic alternative. With a PV, you eliminate all of the carcinogens produced with burned plant material. In addition, it is more discrete with little to no odor.

How does PUFF MAJIC work?

PUFF MAJIC is a E-Liquid Mixer base that it is designed to be combined with a Herbal Concentrate. The finished mixed product is a Premium Herbal E-Liquid for use in virtually any PV. Anyone can make it. It is a DIY product designed to put you in control of what you are vaping. A simple warming of our product with the desired amount of Concentrate and a gentle stirring process produces a Premium Herbal E-Liquid in less than 10 minutes. You can make it using supplies found in your kitchen or can purchase our Starter Kit for an easy all-in-one solution.


Making your own Herbal E-Liquid puts you in total control of content and strength. Pre-filled tanks available at most retailers can range drastically in quality and content making it hard for someone such as a Medical Patient to have a reliable and high quality supply of vaporizable herbs. In the relatively young Herbal Vape industry, people are mixing using a variety of substances which are rarely labeled with any sort of information about the contents other than the active compound levels.

As a general rule one should avoid any prefilled cartridge that appears milky or has a heavy orange tint or strong citrus odor.

  • A milky color can mean many things, but over all it is an instant indicator that the incorrect carrier base was used. To counteract this some use emulsification equipment in an attempt to combine the carrier and the Concentrate. This process will produce a milky or cloudy liquid that is not stable and will eventually separate. Milky color can also be an indicator of high levels of a co-solvent such as alcohol. High alcohol content will produce a very harsh vapor. Below you can see a tank that was milky when purchased. It has since separated and become useless.

  • Tanks - There are far to many tank options to discuss in detail so this will cover the basics. They all have a fluid reservoir and some form of wicking material which supplies the E-Juice to the coil or coils. The coil is heated by the Battery and the liquid is vaporized and combined with air being drawn through the center. They can range from a simple clear plastic tank that is essentially disposable, to a complex metal and glass tank that is cleanable, refillable and has replicable coils. Again, a basic Tank will work just fine. If you find yourself vaporizing liquids more frequently, upgrade to a higher quality tank and buy a pack of replacement coils. Due to the nature of Herbal Concentrate E-Liquid, the wicking system supplying the coils has a tendency to clog in a way it wouldn't when used with a Nicotine E-Juice. The more disposable types of tanks are generally single use because of this. As things clog they become less effective at transferring constituents into the coils. This will decrease the effect and enjoyment.