Step 3 -

  • Gently stir the concentrate and PUFF MAJIC Premium Mixer until the concentrate is dissolved completely* into the liquid

Step 5 -

  • Fill your Tank and Enjoy!** Your batch of mixed PUFF MAJIC is ready. If mixing a full bottle, return the remainder to the original PUFF MAJIC dropper bottle.


*Depending on the quality of your concentrate, some particulates may appear after mixing. These are generally plant fats and waxes and provide no benefit. These particulates can be filtered from the mix or will be filtered by the wicking material in the tank. For best results use "polished" Concentrates if available as they have had the undesirable contents removed for a purer Concentrate. Over time these materials can clog the wicking system and decrease the Tanks effectiveness.

**Please allow ample time (generally 15 minutes) for your E-Liquid to saturate the wicking material in your tank. If not, a burnt taste may occur.

*** Calculating % level or determining how much PUFF MAJIC to use:


-This calculation uses the generalization that 1 gr of concentrate is equivalent in volume to one mL of liquid. This is fairly accurate. Also please note that one full dropper of PUFF MAJIC is approximately one ml.-

  (gr) x (%) = (Volume) x (X)

  • gr - grams of Concentrate
  • % - level of the Concentrate
  • Volume - gr/ml of PUFF MAGIC + number of gramsconcentrate
  • X - X will be your mixed % level

example 1 : (1)gr @ 80% to fill a 3ml Tank

1 x 80 = 3 x X

80 / 3 = X

26.6666666667 = X

So your level would be 26.67% . This would be very strong.

example 2 : (1)gr@80% mixed to achieve 20% level E-Liquid

1 x 80 = ml x 20

80 / 20 = ml

4 = ml

4 - 1 (for the gr of concentrate) = 3 gr/ml of PUFF MAJIC

So you would mix your concentrate with 3ml of PUFF MAJIC to achieve the desired % level.

Please keep in mind that when mixing PUFF MAJIC your target level should be in the range 15-25% if your objective is to have a replacement for using traditional herbs.  PUFF MAJIC is capable of mixing at higher levels but not recommended solely for the reason that it may compromise reliability.

Please use our products responsibly!

Step 4 -

  • Remove from the hot water bath and allow to cool to room temperature. Then give one final and thorough stir.

Follow these simple steps and you will be vaping PUFF MAJIC in no time!

Step 1 -

  • Prepare a warm water bath of roughly 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be done by microwaving water in an appropriate container such as a Pyrex measuring container or baking dish. Use a thermometer to verify temperature as overheating can degrade your concentrate and is unnecessary. DO NOT MICROWAVE PUFF MAJIC OR CONCENTRATES!

            ***Calculations for determining % level or necessary mix volume are available at the end of this document.

Step 2 -

  • Add your PUFF MAJIC and concentrate to a mixing container and place the container in the warm water bath for several minutes. This will warm the concentrate and PUFF MAJIC allowing it to be mixed thoroughly. The recommended maximum ratio is  2 : 1  (MAJIC : Concentrate) depending on your strength requirements. Stronger can be mixed but may not perform as well in Tanks designed for use with thinner consistency Nicotine E-Juice.


| A Quick Introduction to Mixing DIY Herbal E-Liquid with PUFF MAJIC |

Items Needed:

  • Bottle of PUFF MAJIC
  • Mixing Container
  • Something small to stir with
  • Pyrex baking dish or similar
  • Hot Water
  • An empty Tank


PUFF MAJIC Premium Mixer was developed to provide the end user a quick and easy method of mixing DIY Herbal Concentrate E-Liquid for use in popular E-Cig and Personal Vapor Devices. PUFF MAJIC puts you, the consumer, in charge! Our products offer you the ability to control strength to suit your personal preference, and a source of the highest quality base liquids available for a reliable and pleasurable vape time after time. PUFF MAJIC is one of the smoothest, best tasting and most effective methods to vape Herbal Concentrates. Our proprietary blend of ingredients is an industry first and PUFF MAJIC is designed to enhance the flavor and effect of concentrates, extracts and oils. 

You can mix individual tank fills or a whole bottle. Mixing your first batch of Premium Herbal Concentrate E-Liquid can be done in about 5-10 minutes and you can generally be vaping in about 30 minutes. Just remember to give the wicking material in your tank at least 15 minutes of soak time.

For those looking for an all in one solution, we also offer everything you need to get started (except Concentrates) in kit form.