About Us

| Our Roots Run Deep |

Born in the Pacific North West, made in the USA and enjoyed all over the world, MAJIC Solutions is the evolution of a concept started over a decade ago by our founder. We are not another faceless corporation trying to make a buck off of the cultural shift towards acceptance. Like you, we are part of the movement. We are lifelong lovers of one of the most fascinating, diverse and helpful plants on earth and believe every individual should have the right to enjoy what it has to offer if they so choose. As the unfortunate stigma that has plagued these plants for generations rapidly fades, we are pleased to offer you a wide range of premium products to enhance your enjoyment of what many of us hold so dear. 

We put the power in your hands as a pioneer in DIY Infused products, kits and ingredients. Using MAJIC Solutions line of products will provide to you the means to quickly and easily make your own superior quality herbal, extract or concentrate infused goods. Our philosophy, experience and desire to help others is what drives us to excellence.


We pledge to always offer you the highest quality and best functioning products available, to always provide you with prompt, knowledgeable and courteous customer support when needed and fast order processing with shipping daily Monday through Friday in discreet, nondescript packaging.


Whatever reason you may have for exploring our offerings, be it the desire for a more discreet method or just an alternative to traditional methods, we thank you for your consideration and sincerely hope you enjoy our MAJIC solutions.