F.A.Q. -Frequently Asked Questions

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PUFF MAJIC is the a Premium Mixer base designed to be mixed with Herbal extracts to produce a Premium Herbal E-Liquid. The resulting mixed product can be used in popular Personal Vaporizer devices. Our unique recipe was designed to enhance the flavor and effect of any extracts providing a result closer to a traditional herbal experience.

What is in PUFF MAJIC?

PUFF MAJIC is a proprietary formula and a "secret blend" of many components. There is no other liquid product like it. Our base is a special blend of Propylene and Polyethylene Glycols (commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for the intrapulmonary delivery of medicine) enhanced with naturally sourced organic compounds commonly found in herbal products but commonly lost or degraded during the extraction process. Some blends contain artificial flavors that are regularly used in the vapor liquid industry. We do not use VG in our mixes.

Does PUFF MAJIC contain controlled substances or Nicotine?

No it does not. It is simply an E-Liquid base mix designed to be combined with Herbal Concentrates, Extracts and Essential Oils

What is Vaping?

Vaping is a term describing the act of using a Personal Vaporizer, or what many  refer to as an E-Cig. These devices generally consist of two parts. A Battery and a Tank. The tank is filled with a liquid, and that liquid is turned to vapor by electric coils for inhalation. So the term Vaping comes from the act of inhaling vapor.

Can I use the same equipment for Nicotine E-Liquid and Herbal E-Liquid?

Yes you can. PUFF MAJIC is formulated so that when mixed as recommended has the proper viscosity to perform well in standard tanks. Always remember that better equipment generally produces a superior experience and effect. For example, a good bottom coil tank and a more powerful or variable voltage battery will produce a superior vapor.

Is Vaping similar to smoking?

The sensation is very similar indeed. There is no burning involved but the vapor you inhale produces a "smoke like" look and feel. Whats better is that there is NO SMOKE...  Vaping produces vapor. What you see being exhaled is little more than water vapor.

Is PUFF MAJIC heavily flavored?

No, PUFF MAJIC is very mildly "flavored". Not overpowering what so ever. PUFF MAJIC liquids combines nicely with the taste of your herbal products but will subdue the heavy notes associated with some herbal extracts.

Is PUFF MAJIC liquid colored green?

No, PUFF MAJIC is for the most part a clear liquid. We use high quality green glass bottles but our liquids are not green. Some blends may have a color to them from the flavor additives but it is minimal and we do not add any artificial colors to our blends for the purposes of altering liquid color.

How big is a bottle of PUFF MAJIC?

Our liquids come in 15ml and 120ml bottles. Larger packaging is available for wholesale customers looking to mix greater quantities.

How much herbal product is needed?

That depends on your personal preference.  Typical mix rates are 1 gram of extracts per 1-3ml of MAJIC liquid

Will PUFF MAJIC work with CO2 or Alcohol Extracted Oils?

Yes. PUFF MAJIC works great for CO2 and Alcohol processed oils as well. As this type of product is already a somewhat viscous, simply combine enough PUFF MAJIC to obtain an optimal viscosity for use as an E-Liquid. Generally a very small amount is necessary

What kind of equipment do I need?

Our liquids are developed to work in all standard personal vapor equipment. Please note: If you are using High power Mods and RDA's for nicotine liquids, our products will require more conservative settings than you are used to. Too high of power settings can produce an undesirable flavor profile. Always start low!

How do I know PUFF MAJIC is a product I can trust?

Take comfort in knowing that we only use superior ingredients, USP-NF Grade or better carriers, and we source only from domestic suppliers. We blend our liquids in the USA following the guidance of the standards set forth by the AEMSA for the responsible and sustainable practices and processes for safe manufacturing of e-liquids.